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  • Zulu Nation Jam - MC Queen Kenya

    MC Queen Kenya

    1977 – The fact that this flyer is written by hand and has a year attached to its date, tells you it wasn’t done by any of the pioneer graphic artist that did most of the flyers because often times they omitted the year in flyers before 1982/83. My reason for highlighting it is to […]

  • MC (DJ) Lady B

    MC Lady B

    Women’s History Month salutes our hip hop sister, Wendy Clark aka Lady B! I know many of you are familiar with her work as a Radio DJ but she started in hip hop as a Female MC! In 1979, Lady B, who hails from Philadelphia, is credited as the first female in hip hop to […]

  • Flyer - Sweet n Sour

    MC Sweet and Sour

    In honor of Women’s History Month, I salute the unsung female MC Sweet and Sour, indeed one of the first female mcs in the hip hop culture (circa 1977)! Although we never met, I remember her name well because we were both from the Bronx and I always wondered if it pertained to one or […]

  • Image

    Sequence – First Female Hip Hop Group on Wax!

    Join Us Girls Can tonight as we end our Women’s History Month Celebration and host an exclusive interview with Hip Hop’s first female group to ever record a rap record, The Sequence.  Both Cheryl The Pearl and Blondy will be on the call.  Don’t miss this interview as these hip hop pioneers share their journey from […]

  • Tera Carissa Hodges

    (AUDIO) Tera Carissa Hodges – Prophetess & Life Coach

      Be empowered with a wealth of knowledge from this conference call held Monday, March 28 with our guest, Tera Carissa Hodges, an internationally known prophetess and life coach who enjoys being of service to all mankind. An empowerment champion through her speaking, media appearances, coaching, and mentoring, helping people become empowered despite their past […]