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  • (Audio) When Ministers Grieve!

      Ladies! Often times ministers are well prepared to minister to others when death strikes but what happens when its a family member or someone very close to YOU? Many people don’t know what to do or let alone what to say to ministers/pastors during this time. Therefore, countless ministers stand in the pulpit and […]

  • Saudi Arabian Women Vote!

    History! Saudi Arabian Women Are Voting!

    In America, we know what it means to have voting rights … for all citizens, men and women, black and white. But in Saudi Arabia, that has not been the case, until now! Its been a long time coming, but starting in December, not only will the women in Saudi Arabia earn their voting rights […]

  • Bishop Corletta Vaughn (Preachers of Detroit) Empowers Women!

    When I saw this video, I had to get it to my ladies at Us Girls Can! So much of what we talk about on our monthly conference calls is echoed here through the powerful voice of Bishop Corletta Vaughn.  If you believe God has more for you and you’re ready to go after it, this […]

  • Dr. Hooper’s Review of “Preach”! (Episode 2)

    Here is another Episode that I reviewed from Lifetime’s docuseries, Preach!  To be fair,  it is laced with both pros and cons that all of us can learn from in ministry.  Click the video to hear what I share on issues that Prophetess Taketa Williams has with Rebecca concerning accountability, the development process between the ministry […]

  • Lifetime’s TV DocuSeries, “Preach” Is Cancelled!

    Yes, ladies you read it right! Lifetime’s docuseries, “Preach” was cancelled  … after only two episodes! A source from Lifetime the Christian Post that “the show wasn’t performing in this current time period”.  Now whether that was true that the time slot wasn’t working or whether the petition to have it cancelled, signed by 15,000 people on […]

  • Dr. Hooper’s Review of “Preach”!

    I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the new Lifetime docuseries called “Preach” but I have and must say I am enjoying it quite a bit.  One particular reason is, there is so much to learn!  Although like any television/cable show, there are some things you and I may not agree with, this one gives […]

  • Keep Toxic People Away!

    Keep Toxic People Away!

    Let’s face it! Building a business, or pursuing a career, education or goal of any type is a hard job!  Especially if you have children to raise and other life commitments.  Therefore, what you don’t need are those extra challenges and distractions like those “so called” friends who come into your space and become toxic in […]

  • Tweegram-1

    Two Important Things!

    There are a lot of things we can learn to succeed in life and in our endeavors. However, here are two components that most things can be grouped under. In addition, particularly for women, the ommission of these two things, are the main reasons we fall behind. Add them to the top of your list […]