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  • FEMCON by DJ Tariq Nelson

    On Saturday, July 15, 2017, Mist Harlem, an up and coming hot spot in Harlem, New York was bombarded with women from all across the East Coast for FEMCON.  FEMCON is an all female empowerment music conference envisioned by Tariq Nelson (pictured below), the Founder of Fame Academy and a veteran DJ/Audio and Sound Engineer and […]

  • Debora Hooper

    Can women be ordained in ministry? What is the protocol to obtain a ministry license? These questions and more are answered on this audio conference call hosted by Debora Hooper.  Listen in and receive insight on where women ministers stand today in holding positions of authority, whether they still face the stained glass ceiling in the pulpit […]

  • Image

    Join Us Girls Can tonight as we end our Women’s History Month Celebration and host an exclusive interview with Hip Hop’s first female group to ever record a rap record, The Sequence.  Both Cheryl The Pearl and Blondy will be on the call.  Don’t miss this interview as these hip hop pioneers share their journey from […]

  • Evangelist Azizah Morrison

    Audio recording of Evangelist Azizah Morrison about her ministry journey being called to preach at 15, her fall and then rise as an International Evangelist. Women in ministry, let her encourage you to “follow the beat of your heart”! Azizah Morrison, a servant, first and foremost, is one of today’s leading and prominent women speakers […]

  • MC Glamorous

    Can a female muslim rap or become a Muslim poet?  Click the audio to hear the inspiring story of MC Glamorous, Long Island, New York’s first female mc turned Muslim Poet. In celebration of Women’s History Month, join me on Wednesday at 9 PM as I interview Hip Hop’s FIRST female MC from Long Island, […]

  • Kim Brooks

    Missed the conference call or livestream with our guest, Kim Brooks for our Single Women’s Chat? Click the audio for the replay! Ladies! Women’s History Month continues at Us Girls Can on Monday, March 14 at 9 PM with me and Singles Expert, Kim Brooks as we tackle the issues of being single after 40, toxic relationships, dating […]

  • Image 5

    Click here to hear this audio AND see hip hop footage! Four decades ago, Hip Hop began with an idea birthed by Jamaican born, Clive Campbell, also known today as Kool Herc, who djed a back to school party for his sister, Cindy. What happened one summer evening on August 11, 1973 in a small recreation room located at […]

  • Dr. TL Penny

    Women in Ministry!  I am excited to share the pre-recorded call with our guest, Dr. T. L .Penny from South Carolina (on Monday, February 15). What an awesome time we had as she shared a wealth of ministry knowledge about her strong spiritual upbringing, differences in ministering in large churches vs. small churches, being morphed into […]

  • I know sometimes as single women we get a little crazy about not having someone on Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you need to get desperate and go back to your old bae and resuscitate a bad relationship!  Here’s a post I made on another site for Valentine’s Day called, “Put That Defibrillator Down”, and […]

  • Image 1

    Us Girls Can organization offers two tracks:  faith based and non faith based.  If you are a woman in ministry, join us on the first month of each month for our spiritual impartation so that we can empower you! The conference call number is listed above. For women who are interested in our non faith […]

  • Saudi Arabian Women Vote!

    In America, we know what it means to have voting rights … for all citizens, men and women, black and white. But in Saudi Arabia, that has not been the case, until now! Its been a long time coming, but starting in December, not only will the women in Saudi Arabia earn their voting rights […]

  • Tweegram-1

    There are a lot of things we can learn to succeed in life and in our endeavors. However, here are two components that most things can be grouped under. In addition, particularly for women, the ommission of these two things, are the main reasons we fall behind. Add them to the top of your list […]