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  • Here is another Episode that I reviewed from Lifetime’s docuseries, Preach!  To be fair,  it is laced with both pros and cons that all of us can learn from in ministry.  Click the video to hear what I share on issues that Prophetess Taketa Williams has with Rebecca concerning accountability, the development process between the ministry […]

  • Yes, ladies you read it right! Lifetime’s docuseries, “Preach” was cancelled  … after only two episodes! A source from Lifetime the Christian Post that “the show wasn’t performing in this current time period”.  Now whether that was true that the time slot wasn’t working or whether the petition to have it cancelled, signed by 15,000 people on […]

  • I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the new Lifetime docuseries called “Preach” but I have and must say I am enjoying it quite a bit.  One particular reason is, there is so much to learn!  Although like any television/cable show, there are some things you and I may not agree with, this one gives […]

  • As we begin our first Monday night Celebration of Women’s Month, we were tremendously blessed by the conference call which focused upon women in ministry.  Our guest, Bishop Michel White-Haynes was very candid in sharing her trials and triumphs as a woman in ministry and also how she took her small church from a storefront loft […]

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    As a traveling speaker for over 25 years, I have literally lived out of a suitcase!  Personally, I love traveling but what I don’t love is packing and repacking!  Yes, it drives me crazy!  However, I’ve gotten better with it, and can now offer some assistance to those women who travel often and are entrepreneurs, having to […]

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    So you’ve been asked to speak at an event. Now if only you can figure out what to wear. Nevertheless, you’ve got to show up and look confident, so let’s look more closely at what you should wear … clergy attire, civic attire or your attire. To make it easy, I’ll breakdown all three, keep […]

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    How can they hear without a preacher”? and I say, how can a preacher preach without a voice?  If you’ve been ministering for some time, or just joining us the ranks of clergy, you know there’s nothing more horrible than to hear a preacher’s voice go out in the middle of a sermon. To avoid this […]

  • afteripreach

    I don’t know about you but during my early years in ministry I was constantly bombarded with questions on what to do after I finished preaching. In other words, do I call for an altar call, lay hands, have a prayer line, or receive an offering? And if so, what is the proper procedure? Another […]

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    Like most ministers, I love ministry and I wouldn’t give it up for anything!  Yes, it’s tiresome, rigorous, and lonely but I still love it!  In fact, through it, I truly found it to be my life’s call, passion, and destiny.  Often times when I look back on the twenty years I put in as […]