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  • FEMCON by DJ Tariq Nelson

    On Saturday, July 15, 2017, Mist Harlem, an up and coming hot spot in Harlem, New York was bombarded with women from all across the East Coast for FEMCON.  FEMCON is an all female empowerment music conference envisioned by Tariq Nelson (pictured below), the Founder of Fame Academy and a veteran DJ/Audio and Sound Engineer and […]

  • Inductees of Hip Hop Hall of Fame

    On June 22, 2017, Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D along with her all female trio, Us Girls, was included in a list of pioneer hip hop artists as inductees of the 2017 Hip Hop Hall of Fame.  This announcement was held at Sylvia’ Too Restaurant in Harlem, NY. President of the event, JT Thompson […]

  • Debbie D in Smithsonian Museum - DC

    The new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC) opened in 2016 with former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. Included in the Hip Hop Section is a display case which features pioneer Bronx Crews and includes my name (Debbie Dee)! (For the record, I actually write it as Debbie D) […]

  • DJ Lady Love

    Women’s History Month Celebration pauses here until next year and ends our salute to UNSUNG early female DJs with DJ Lady Love (formerly known as DJ Sexy). Although DJ Lady Love was born in the Bronx, her family moved to Queens, New York in her early years and it was there where she received her […]

  • DJ Wanda Dee

    For Women’s History Month, this post highlights another early UNSUNG female on the turntables, DJ Wanda Dee! Wanda became a DJ in her teens while attending Evander HS. Her incredible skills on the turntable is credited to nothing but hard work, perseverance and mentoring by the late, DJ Whiz Kid. (A young protege of DJ […]

  • Female DJs of the Mercedes Ladies

    Hip Hop and the first up are the 3 DJs of The Mercedes Ladies: DJ Baby Dee, DJ La Spank and DJ RD Smiley, respectively. The Mercedes Ladies were the sister crew to the all male hip hop pioneer crew, The L Brothers, who rocked in 63 Park located in my Bronx neighborhood, and were […]

  • Lady Sweet

    1979 – Women’s History Month concludes the UNSUNG Female MCs with Lady Sweet. I’m unfamiliar with who she is personally, but she’s a bad sista! Lady Sweet holds her own in a competitive love rap with Dr. Superman on this single recorded by Major Records. The record definitely has a disco feel but listening to […]

  • Sweet Lady

    1979 – Yes, again! But this time Women’s History Month salutes UNSUNG Female MC Xanudu and Sweet Lady for doing this amazing COVER with RAPPER’S DELIGHT! Producer, Joe Gibbs heard the American version, grabbed it and put a female MC on there and here she is putting her twist to it and rockin this hip […]

  • Lady D

    It seems like 1979 saw quite a number of rap records emerge. Depending upon finances and marketing influence, some went local and others nationwide. The locals are who interest me most and therefore, Women’s History Month salutes another UNSUNG Female MC, Lady D who also recorded in 1979. I’m unfamiliar with her, so I’m not […]

  • Madame Rapper

    1979 – As we celebrate Women’s History Month, this (Brooklyn?) hip hop group Funky Constellation, records their single and a young female MC Madame Rapper is the feature! She is unfamiliar to me as a person but Madame Rapper’s “Street Talk” rhyme is in storytelling style and she does it well! Other male rappers join […]

  • Sweet Tee & Paulet T

    Talk about UNSUNG female mcs in hip hop! Meet Tanya and her sister, Paulet, known as Sweet Tee and Paulet T, also known as the Winley Sisters from Harlem, NY. Until recent, I had never heard of these two sisters or ever saw their name on a flyer and to my surprise from 1979-1982 they […]

  • Zulu Nation Jam - MC Queen Kenya

    1977 – The fact that this flyer is written by hand and has a year attached to its date, tells you it wasn’t done by any of the pioneer graphic artist that did most of the flyers because often times they omitted the year in flyers before 1982/83. My reason for highlighting it is to […]