Money or Morals? Which One Governs You?

Its 2015 and we are only a few days into the new year and the all time back stabbing, double crossing reality show some of us hate to love is back … Celebrity Apprentice! Donald Trump has already begun the firing and the first person to go home was Keshia Knight Pulliam, famed little “Rudy” of the legendary Cosby Show. I think the events surrounding her being fired are an important one and something that gives us all food for thought. Here’s a snippet down below.

Keshia was the Project Manager for team Integrity and was working to raise money for a fundraiser. However, her team lost, and she was fired. According to Donald Trump, he fired her because she did not call her “tv dad”, Bill Cosby, and ask for money. Keshia emphatically stated that her reasoning was, “she hadn’t talked to him in about 5 years” and regardless of what other people thought, she didn’t feel comfortable calling him simply to ask for money.

Personally, I felt her reason was justified. The situation was not a personal emergency and due to the long silence between her and her “dad”, it might have been best to concentrate on getting financial help from sources where her relationships were more active.  (Which is exactly what she did!) However, do you think she made the best choice by not calling Bill Cosby? Faced with such a dilemma, what would you have done; especially if you knew it might cost you your job? The question is an important one because the answer actually comes down to one’s character and helping you to understand what really governs your character, money or morals?

As businesswomen, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and parents, every now and then we are faced with serious decisions we have to make.  Many times asking ourselves, on what basis will we make them? Honestly, only our character can determine that. Unbeknown to many, character is at the root of every one of our decisions.  It is the thing that we use to decide which route we take in life.  Moreover, it is what primarily determines our success when it comes to our personal and business affairs.  When making that decision, it can either benefit you or harm you, as well as others, for a long, long time. I know its tough at times, but my advice is to do as Keshia did and choose morals over money. Money fades and will only take you but so far, but morals stand the test of time, and the journey last forever! Which one of these two things governs my life? Without any hesitation, I can say, morals! That’s the only way I sleep well at night! Money or Morals? Which one governs you?

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