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My sister, I’ve said it a few years ago and I’m saying it here now, THIS IS THE HOUR OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP! If ever there was a boom in women owning their own businesses, its now! Everywhere you look, a woman, even teenaged girls, are becoming entrepreneurs.  While I applaud each and every one of you, I know its not easy running your own business.  You have to be on top of everything and everything falls on you. Yes, most of us are used to being a “Jill of all trades” anyway, but let’s be honest, at times it’s quite overwhelming! As a matter of fact, many times you just want to give up! Business is slow, nobody’s calling, money is low, whatever! Same story. But since you’re still hanging in there, let me ask you a question … have you taken your gifts, business and ideas, as far as you can or have you limited yourself to just your circle? Are you at a place in your business where you are overbooked or overlooked?  If the latter is where you are, I want to share something with you to help maximize your visibility and what you have to offer! Its called, Social Media.  If you are one of those individuals that feel like you don’t have the time or don’t need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube, let me be the first to tell you that you are missing out on connecting with millions of people who could profit from what you have.  At the same time, you’re also missing out on an opportunity for you to increase your business and revenue.

Be advised!  When it comes to marketing today, things have changed a great deal and we are not going back to the old way! Gone are the days of only marketing a product with fancy ads in magazines, newspapers and brochures. At the same time, gone are the great expenses that follow.  (Think: Fiverr.com) Today, its all about getting what you have out there via social media and connecting with people.  The good news about all of this is, social media is FREE! Yep! All you have to do is sign up and then load up.  And, you don’t have to be a professional to do it.  If you own a smartphone, you’re half way there! Each social media platform does differ and you’ll have to chose the one(s) that works best for your product, but here’s a brief breakdown to help you:

Facebook – this is the largest of all social media platforms and it boasts millions of subscribers. It has the ability to host pictures, articles, videos and more. The reach, visibility and possibilities on Facebook are endless when it comes to connecting people with your product! This is not the platform you want to ignore, if you want what you have to be seen (or heard) by the masses! So stop posting pictures about food, tv shows and shoes. Facebook is an entrepreneur’s dream, if you work it right! #GetItDone

Twitter – its a great platform to market your product or event sharing brief information (tweet) and pictures. What I love most is that you can create a hashtag on Twitter to increase your exposure tremendously and to allow a quick way for others to review all comments and highlights on that specific topic. (#UsGirlsCan)  Want to show you are an expert in a specific area? Twitter is the perfect place to brand yourself. Just post your tweets and be consistent with a hashtag (#Preachertalk). Not only will your name become associated with the hashtag but also your expertise, which increases followers, speaking invitations and buyers!

YouTube – this social media craze has invaded our lives so much, according to statistics, people today read less and watch videos more.  What makes it great is that it’s so easy to take your mobile device and load up a video about your product or event and expose it to the world in minutes! Know what else? The power is right in your hands and therefore, accessible at any time! You can also place your video link in emails, text messages, other social sites and more, for others to see. If your work is original, you can even monetize it! Lastly, YouTube will give you a full 15 minutes for your video. Surely you should be able to take your product and do a million things with that!

Instagram – it is THE place for pictures and entrepreneurs abound there! Instagram is where you flaunt what you’ve got! Don’t be afraid, everyone does it! But make sure your pictures are clear (high resolution) and use the filters if necessary. On Instagram especially, presentation matters. If they can’t see it, they won’t buy it!  Buyers also like to see you involved with the product. So use Instagram’s 15 second video or upload one from the app Flipagram. You’ll be quite surprised to find out how you can convert followers to buyers just from them seeing a picture or video. Lastly, like Twitter, Instagram also incorporates hashtags and is great for when you need to pull all your posts together about something specific, so use them.  I have retained several entrepreneurs for my business and found them through a hashtag on Instagram.  (Note: use letters ONLY after a hashtag (#), no symbols – Ex. #iEmpower) .

Pinterest – this is the newest social media platform and I’m just getting started. However, while I don’t know much and still haven’t gotten the “pinning” aspect quite together yet, I do know that women abound on Pinterest.  So, if women and girls are the target audience for your product, get there!  And after you connect with Us Girls Can, send me some tips; I can use the help!

This is not an exhaustive commentary on social media, however, if you follow the advice above, you should start seeing a difference in your business and revenue.  After all, that gift in you and that brand and product that you have created is valuable; and somebody wants it! So use social media to enlarge your territory and get your product out there! You’re an entrepreneur, you know what to do! Go work your business and give it everything you’ve got! And keep these last few things in mind:  (1) ALWAYS place your website in your profile for people to find you and your product, (2) post something on social media about your product or event at least 3 times a day, (3) link your social media pages if time is of essence; and (4) social media is about being social, so be social! #GetItDone!

PS – LinkedIn is a platform for placing a personal or business profile (resume) on the internet. Do so!

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