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Women’s History Month Celebration pauses here until next year and ends our salute to UNSUNG early female DJs with DJ Lady Love (formerly known as DJ Sexy). Although DJ Lady Love was born in the Bronx, her family moved to Queens, New York in her early years and it was there where she received her first introduction and love for hip hop music. In 1979, while a budding female DJ in her teenaged years, she met DJ Davey DMX, a legendary Queens DJ who mentored DJ Lady Love on the turntables. It was under his tutelage that she particularly learned how to skillfully cut on vinyl records, the first being hip hop’s most iconic record, Apache!

While excited about this new craft, a longtime friend, legendary DJ Woody Wood, was instrumental in pushing DJ Lady Love even further to make her mark in hip hop, right alongside the men and singlehandedly take Queens by storm as a pioneer female DJ on the turntables! As she did, DJ Lady Love’s passion and skills for DJing grew and so did her notoriety. DJ Lady Love not only rocked the turntables sometimes as the ONLY female DJ on the line up alongside her male counterparts (see flyer) but even today has gained big respect from them, notably, Queens most iconic hip hop group at the time, the legendary Disco Twins and the Infinity Machine! (

As destiny would have it, in the early ’80s DJ Lady Love’s skills for DJing took her throughout the TriState area including back home to the Bronx, performing on the 1s and 2s at the infamous, T Connection (see flyers). Several honorable mentions for her early Bronx hip hop associations should include DJ Afrika Bambaataa, GrandMaster Caz (her present manager) and MC JDL. In addition, in light of her early contribution to hip hop, DJ Lady Love was an honoree at one of the Hip Hop Icon Awards hosted by Team Fearless ( and was selected as the Official DJ for the 2016 Universal Hip Hop Museum Women’s Event.

Like most hip hop pioneers from the early 80s, DJ Lady Love took a brief hiatus but today she’s back on the turntables and we are excited to hear her bring the beats! Check out DJ Lady Love (archived) hip hop podcasts on Fonye Radio Stations on Sundays and Fridays via Podomatic. Lastly, if you’re looking for a DJ for upcoming parties, special events, or to make you a smooth (or hard) hip hop mix, contact DJ Lady Love, this girl DJ won’t disappoint … she got skills! Again, Women’s History Month salutes this pioneer UNSUNG Female DJ and say, thank you DJ Lady Love and well done! For bookings or to learn more about DJ Lady Love, follow her here DjLady Love.

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