MC Sweet Lady

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

1979 – Yes, again! But this time Women’s History Month salutes UNSUNG Female MC Xanudu and Sweet Lady for doing this amazing COVER with RAPPER’S DELIGHT! Producer, Joe Gibbs heard the American version, grabbed it and put a female MC on there and here she is putting her twist to it and rockin this hip hop anthem in REGGAE! Trust me, the island of Jamaica was never the same! If you’ve never heard it, click below and lend your ears! I don’t know if this is the first hip hop cover but if it is, truly it’s a rapper’s delight because a girl is on the mic!

Salute to Sweet Lady on Women’s History Month for your early pioneering work as a UNSUNG Female MC in America but I know you must be big time in JAMAICA! Thanks Sis! Well done, Sweet Lady! Check out her record here:

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