MC Madame Rapper

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

1979 – As we celebrate Women’s History Month, this (Brooklyn?) hip hop group Funky Constellation, records their single and a young female MC Madame Rapper is the feature! She is unfamiliar to me as a person but Madame Rapper’s “Street Talk” rhyme is in storytelling style and she does it well! Other male rappers join her on the single as well and rap too. I wonder with them being a young group, whether they did performances.What I also enjoyed from this cut was the strong break beat that DJs might want to check out! The record also includes crowd pleasers, typical of many other hip hop records from that year!

Salute to Madame Rapper during Women’s History Month for her early contribution on the mic as a UNSUNG female mc in hip hop! Thanks Sis! Well done! Click link to hear her record:

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