MCs Sweet Tee and Paulet T (The Winley Sisters)

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MCs

Talk about UNSUNG female mcs in hip hop! Meet Tanya and her sister, Paulet, known as Sweet Tee and Paulet T, also known as the Winley Sisters from Harlem, NY. Until recent, I had never heard of these two sisters or ever saw their name on a flyer and to my surprise from 1979-1982 they were an all female MC duo who recorded 3 rap records!

The story is, their father, Paul Winley, had a doo wop label called Winley Records but also recorded early hip hop artists such as his daughters and DJ Afrika Bambattaa and the Cosmic Force MCs and Soul Sonic Force MCs before the latter went to Tommy Boy. Mr. Winley also owned a record shop located on 125th Street in Harlem and the rest is history! Sweet Tee and her sister Paulette recorded Rhythm and Rappin (1979) (link below), Vicious Rap (1980) with Tanya spitting socially conscious lyrics and I Believe In The Wheel of Fortune (1982).

Wow! In this Women’s History Month, a big salute to these amazing unsung female MC sister duo for their big accomplishments as women in hip hop! Well done, ladies! Somebody connect me with them … my fellow Harlemnites!  Click link to listen to Rhymin and Rappin: and here for Vicious Rap:

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