MC Lady D

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

It seems like 1979 saw quite a number of rap records emerge. Depending upon finances and marketing influence, some went local and others nationwide. The locals are who interest me most and therefore, Women’s History Month salutes another UNSUNG Female MC, Lady D who also recorded in 1979.

I’m unfamiliar with her, so I’m not sure if there were any performances but she is definitely doing her thing on this record with her storytelling rhymes (written by someone else) about a relationship with a guy. She even raps about specific cars he would pick her up in, which was typical of how mcs rhymed during that time! The 1979 single is recorded by Reflection Records and the B side records a male rapper named Tee, who surprisingly has the initials MC in front of his name on the record, a rarity, indeed! I must admit I’m quite impressed with his rhyme ability, and he really peaked my interest deeper with the familiar call and response and crowd pleasers he uses toward the end of the record.

However, this month’s honor isn’t about a man, so as it goes, Women’s History Month proudly salutes Lady D for her early pioneering work as a female MC in hip hop! Thanks Sis! Well done! Click here to here their record:…/…/136250

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