MC Lady B

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

Women’s History Month salutes our hip hop sister, Wendy Clark aka Lady B! I know many of you are familiar with her work as a Radio DJ but she started in hip hop as a Female MC!

In 1979, Lady B, who hails from Philadelphia, is credited as the first female in hip hop to record a rap single on Tec Records (click below to listen). Listening to her rhyme, I would love to see her perform and hear more from her on the mic, but she quickly relinquished it and began spinning records. Transitioning in the latter of 1979 and honing her skills as a new Radio DJ, Lady B eventually rose to the top of her game. Today, both her skills and influence on the radio helped to expand hip hop music nationwide.

In addition, Lady B is credited with jump starting the careers of many East and West Coast hip hop artists through radio broadcasting. Yet, with all her credentials, it should be noted that Lady B’s contribution to hip hop as an early UNSUNG Female MC warrants a salute for Women’s History Month. Thanks Sis. and well done!  Click the link to hear her record:

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