MC Queen Kenya

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

  1. Zulu Nation Jam - MC Queen Kenya

1977 – The fact that this flyer is written by hand and has a year attached to its date, tells you it wasn’t done by any of the pioneer graphic artist that did most of the flyers because often times they omitted the year in flyers before 1982/83. My reason for highlighting it is to pay homage to unsung MC Queen Kenya.

I remember her name well but not sure if I ever officially met her. (Living on Webster Ave., I didn’t frequent Bronx River and Soundview jams much … too much walking at 14 yrs. old! Lol) As you know, there were several male and female mcs who rocked the mic in the early days in the Zulu Nation and she was among the first female mcs. However, according to Mr. Biggs of Soul Sonic Force she relinquished the mic sometime after and went to Jobs Corp. so many are not aware of her work.

Nevertheless, during Women’s History Month I salute this pioneering sister who contributed to the early foundation of hip hop as a female MC. Thanks Sis and well done! 


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