MC Sweet and Sour

Pioneer Female Hip Hop MC

  1. Flyer - Sweet n Sour

In honor of Women’s History Month, I salute the unsung female MC Sweet and Sour, indeed one of the first female mcs in the hip hop culture (circa 1977)! Although we never met, I remember her name well because we were both from the Bronx and I always wondered if it pertained to one or two people. lol

Sweet, short for Sweet and Sour was an intricate part of the unique male and female DJ and MC crew, the Herculords, Founded by the Father of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Herc.  Sweet didn’t continue in hip hop long after this flyer (1979) and therefore doesn’t necessarily get much recognition. However, because of her early contribution to hip hop as a female, we salute this pioneering Bronx MC, Sweet and Sour!

Thanks and well done, Sweet & Sour!


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