MC Debbie D – Hip Hop Hall of Fame

On June 22, 2017, Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D along with her all female trio, Us Girls, was included in a list of pioneer hip hop artists as inductees of the 2017 Hip Hop Hall of Fame.  This announcement was held at Sylvia’ Too Restaurant in Harlem, NY. President of the event, JT Thompson (pictured), who has held this event over the years, shared that the Induction Ceremony would be held at the United Palace in Harlem on September 15, 2017 and hosted by hip hop pioneer, Roxanne Shante.

At least 60 other inductees will be included in the Induction Ceremony: The list includes hip hip pioneers such as Legendary Harry Belafonte (for his motion film, Beat Street), LL Cool J, Soul Sonic Force, Fantastic Five and more!

Congratulations to Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D and we look forward to seeing you in the celebration at The Induction Ceremony!

For more info and tickets to the event visit www.HipHopHoF.Org


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