FEMCON – Female Empowerment Music Conference

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, Mist Harlem, an up and coming hot spot in Harlem, New York was bombarded with women from all across the East Coast for FEMCON.  FEMCON is an all female empowerment music conference envisioned by Tariq Nelson (pictured below), the Founder of Fame Academy and a veteran DJ/Audio and Sound Engineer and US Army Sergeant, with a vision and passion to help young women succeed in the entertainment industry.  The conference was hosted by Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D and the Red Carpet was done by Host, Kelly Phoenix.  Inside the main room, there were 3 panel discussions and 2 electrifying rap cyphers with young women ranging from 12 to 35 years of age.

Several contemporary music artists such as Lady Luck, (Bravo’s 1st Family of Hip Hop), Babs Bunny (Queen of the Ring), Eleven (She Got Next), Khadejia Bass (Ain’t No Nigga), and Kia Jeffries (4Kast), attended the event as panelists to share insight into the entertainment industry.  Each panelist spoke to the audience candidly about their experiences, challenges and areas of growth.  Panels 2 and 3 featured business topics such as broadcasting, marketing, promotion, branding, copyright, trademarks and more.  In addition, a wealth of information was shared in regard to publishing, music contracts and the financial aspect of the business. Expert panelists included:  Amelia Moore, Lawrence Miles, NK Morton, GrandMixer DXT, Cherry Martinez, Corey Llewellyn, Maria Davis, Michelle McDevitt and FEMCON Founder, DJ Tariq.


FEMCON - Cypher


Debra Coco, Host of Just Gimme The Mic and Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D, along with MC LA Sunshine of The Treacherous Three, spearheaded the second half of the Conference. First, the atmosphere was filled with the soulful sounds of Cocoa Sarai, as the evening’s special guest.  Immediately after, former Hot 97 and Kiss FM dee jay, Cocoa Chanelle, who has made a strong name for herself in the music industry, in addition to being a recipient of the Black Girls Rock Award, keyed up the loud music for the first live FEMCON mixtape, and the cypher began.  Stepping onto the stage one by one, in sequence, were 20 amazing female rappers, each having their own lyrical flow and spittin’ nothin’ but fire on the mic! Without any warning the room was lit and the cell phones immediately went up!  Here are just a few names of up and coming rappers you should look out for who were included in the cypher:  Rockstar JTB, Fienx Sol, Young Devyn, Lady Slim, Amika, Empryss July, Panama Redd, Slim Trim, Nene Ali, She Real and many more!

DJ Tariq & MC Debbie D

FEMCON was an amazing conference and you definitely don’t want to miss it next year! Until then, whether you’re looking for information on how to navigate and succeed in the entertainment industry, need networking opportunities or just searching for raw hip hop talent, visit FAME Academy (and their social media) for all things regarding FEMCON!

Keep spittin’ that fire ladies!


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