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  • Us Girls Can

    Us Girls Can is a nationwide (faith and non-faith based) nonprofit organization designed to empower and educate women and girls to succeed!  While women come from all walks of life, we have discovered that the challenges for each are the same.  Often times, women and girls do not fulfill their life’s goals because they are paralyzed by many ills in our society.  As a result, many give up on their dreams and goals. At Us Girls Can, our desire is to send a loud and firm message that regardless of the obstacles all women and girls face, Us Girls Can, when the world says we can’t! Through various educational and inspirational platforms, we are confident that we can help to break the cycle of failure and empower women and girls to succeed!

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  • Debora C. Hooper

    Founder & Empowerment Coach

    Since her teenaged years, Debora has been a proponent and great inspiration for women and girls. In the mid 70s, she was known as MC Debbie D, one of Hip Hop’s first female emcees from the Bronx, New York.  This legendary status placed her among the small group of female rappers, coined Hip Hop Matriarchs, who during that era, made an indelible impact upon the history and foundation of the Hip Hop Culture.  Two major highlights of her music career was relinquishing an all male rap group and becoming the first female hip hop soloist in 1979.  In addition, she appeared in the first international hip hop film, Beat Street, that featured female rappers.  This movie became a catalyst to inspire girls from all walks of life, across the globe, to embrace the five elements of hip hop!  Notably, the idea of the name of this organization, Us Girls Can, was inspired from her all female rap group, Us Girls!

    After the height of her music career, Debora became more passionate about her education and religious beliefs.  Today she is a Ministry Coach and a sought after Conference Speaker and International Evangelist, who also holds an earned Doctorate in Ministry.  Lastly, she is the best selling author of Hooper’s Evangelist & Minister’s Handbook, a ministry resource holding a 4.6 rating on Amazon for over 10 years!

    Fulfilling her quest to empower women and girls, Debora speaks at various events on several topics such as:

    • How To Identify Your Strengths
    • Conquering With Confidence
    • Changing Lanes (Rebranding)
    • What About Me? (Single Women)
    • Hip Hop and the Role of Women
    • My Story:  From Poverty to Professor

    For more about Debora, visit www.DeboraHooper.com