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    Teeshirts are all the rage today! But when you buy a teeshirt from Us Girls Can, you buy into our proud motto that says “Us Girls Can – when the world says we can’t”! Check out our product line for adult women and our clothing line for girls and babies called Us Girls Can2! Now you can purchase products for you, your Mom, daughters and all your female friends! Click here to view our collection! Thank you for supporting our nonprofit organization!

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  • What Our Girls Say…

    Today everyone is talking about empowering women and I think Us Girls Can is a great organization to help women and girls who are facing challenges and to be able to provide a teeshirt to show girls CAN overcome them is even better!
    Author's imageJacklynHartford, CT
    When I first saw this tshirt, I said, “I need one for all my girlfriends and their little daughters and nieces too”!  What a great message for girls, today! Yes, Us Girls Can and I really believe that!
    Author's imageNaNaBronx, NY
    What Debora is doing is superb! Girl power meets fashion … for every girl and every age! To all female entrepreneurs, I got mine, get yours, girl!
    Author's imageTwannaMatthews, NC

Us Girls Can Products!

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    Us Girls Can Regular Tees

    This is our all time favorite tshirt for every girl! Purchase it, wear it and take a selfie with your girlfriends! Just click the “Buy Now” button above for more about this tshirt.

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    Just For Baby Girls!

    Introducing The “Usie”! The Us Girls Can2 tshirt for baby girls. Dress her in it with jeans or a tutu! It’s so soft and adorable! Click the “Buy Now” button above for more about “The Usie”.

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    Us Girls Can Bags!

    Got a sleepover, sports event or need a cute gym bag? Grab your Us Girls Can tote bag for women and girls and go! Click the “Buy Now” button above for more info on these bags!

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    Us Girls Can Glitter Tees

    What girl doesn’t love rhinestones and glitter?! Get our Us Girls Can tshirt in glitter and watch it make your entire outfit pop! Also comes in Black. Click the “Buy Now” button above for more about this tshirt.

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    Our Little Girls Tees, Us Girls Can 2!

    With Us Girls Can being such a powerful message, we could not leave our little girls out. Brighten her day with a message that says if Mom can do it, her daughter can do it too! Click the “Buy Now” button for more info about these tshirts.

  • Ministry Handbook

    Just For Ministers!

    In ministry? With over 20 years of experience, here’s a ministry handbook with over 15 chapters from your call, sermon preparation, to travel to assist you in clergy development and ministry protocol. Comes in Paperback and Ebook. Preview and Buy at:

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